See Your Child’s Eyes Light Up with These Affordable and Educational Gifts

Guest Post by Alice Jonas –

Quality gifts don’t have to be expensive, and you can buy your children or grandchildren affordable gifts that will make their eyes light up. So, look for these popular educational gifts your children will love.


Educational toys can teach your children the alphabet or help them develop math skills. Many toys are educational, and building puzzles will develop hand-eye coordination, build fine motor skills, and strengthen muscles. Look for affordable puzzles that will help your children match colors and shapes, learn cooperative play, and enhance problem solving skills. 


When it comes to building toys, Lego probably comes to mind first. You grew up building lego, and your children can too! This is a great choice for an educational and affordable gift for the kids in your life, and they can let their creativity run wild. There are a lot of other building toys you can choose from, like K’Nex, marble building sets, or toy construction sets. Affordable building toys help your children develop logic, spatial relationships, and imagination. These games will strengthen your children’s IQ, and help them learn new skills. Older children who can read instructions and complete a pattern will enjoy the feeling of success.

Musical Instruments

Do the children in your life love music? Teaching children music develops creativity and muscle coordination, and even improves intellect and makes your children smarter. Start teaching music with small percussion instruments like a tambourine or drum, and as your children get older, let them pick the instrument they want to focus on. Look for used musical instruments at music stores or online, and give your child the gift of music.

For the Book Lover in Your Life

You might think the only gift your child will love is a tablet, but teaching your child the joy of reading is a lifelong gift they’ll appreciate for a lifetime. Buy them these amazing children’s books and they’ll be hooked on reading. From find-and-seek activity books to pull-and-play books, your young children will develop an interest in books. For older readers, find a story that will draw them in, and keep them coming back to the book for more.

Star Gazing

Children have a huge curiosity, and your 3-year-old more than likely asks “Why?” a hundred times a day. That curiosity extends to every part of the world — and even the stars above. If your child is interested in outer space and wants to learn more about the solar system, find astrology-themed toys to teach them more about the planets and stars that light up the night sky. If you want to buy your older children a telescope, check sites like eBay or Craigslist to find great deals on a used telescope your children will love.

Even More Savings

Holiday gift shopping doesn’t have to break the bank, and there are ways you can save while still giving your kids an amazing holiday season. Being a savvy shopper can save you hundreds of dollars. Check for sales at the stores you shop at regularly, and use savings like eBay promotional codes and cashback offers to save even more. Find online deals, and don’t be afraid to buy used. Some gifts, like musical instruments, collectibles, telescopes, or bikes can be loved for many years, and second-hand items will help you save this holiday season.

Give your children some amazing gifts this year and save big without compromising on quality. Educational gifts will help your young children learn coordination, and gifts for older kids can improve reading comprehension, foster creativity, and develop unique skills and interests.

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